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We offer several various marble deity statues. So, we offer an array of collections of various textures, colors, styles, and different types of artifacts, gods, and other murtis. To purchase the marble statue of your choice, select any personalized option from our website. As the leading producer of marble god statues in Jaipur, India, our business specializes in creating idols of Hindu deities. 

Choose any personalized option from marblemurtijaipur to buy the marble statue of your choice. Our company specializes in making idols of Hindu deities and is the top manufacturer of marble god ganesh statues in Jaipur, India.

Which Ganesha Idol is Good for Your Home?

Religious experts say that the varied materials used to make idols enable different energies to be drawn to your home.

  • Eco-friendly Ganesha idols: It is believed that idols built of materials from neem trees, peepal trees, and mango peels can bring luck and good vibes into your home. Compared to idols made of materials like clay, stone, and brass, these are a little bit more challenging to identify. However, if you’re seeking an environmentally friendly Ganesha idol, these statues are the best options available in the nation. 
  • Turmeric idols: In India, turmeric is a very common raw material, therefore it’s not surprising that Ganesha statues have also been made from it. Turmeric-based idols are regarded as some of the most auspicious idols you can purchase. 
  • Crystal idols: Crystal idols are not only beautiful to look at, but they also aid in eliminating all Vaastu Doshas. These Vaastu energies can improve your life by being eliminated.
  • White idols: A white idol is your best bet to bring happiness, prosperity, and wealth into your life. These white idols are typically made of white marble, although they can also be painted to look the same. 

Which Ganesha Idol is Good for Home Entrance?

Your home is where you can find true happiness, thus we should do everything possible to make it Vaastu-compatible. The state of the individuals who live there is determined by the front door. To welcome guests and loved ones into your home and to promote the flow of positive energy, place an idol at the front door. A Vaastu-compliant idol put in front of the door is said to protect against the evil eye and hurtful thoughts of anyone entering or leaving the house. 

Drishti Ganesha for Entrance to Home 

To fit your requirements and interests, there are numerous ways you can arrange Drishti Ganesha or Ganpati. There are a few things to consider when applying Drishti to Ganesha or Ganpati:

  • Drishti Ganesha brings wealth and protects the home from the evil eye.
  • Remember that Ganesha must be installed in pairs, with one Ganesha facing the entrance and the other facing outward. The best sitting arrangement is back-to-back on both sides. 
  • Ganesha is paired with Riddhi and Siddhi, or knowledge and prosperity.
  • There should be no other rooms visible from the Ganesha’s back. The house must have its back to the street. This is because it is believed that Ganeshas’ back is where poverty lives.
  • The Ganesha must be put on the top of the house entry door to deflect all evil forces. 

Benefits of Ganesh Marble Statue

  • Blessings of lord Ganesh: A Ganesh Marble statue is thought to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesh, the god of knowledge, and bring wealth to your place of business or residence, and wisdom.
  • Spiritual connection: A Ganesh statue can promote inner calm and peace and assist in establishing a spiritual connection with the almighty. 
  • Good luck and prosperity: Ganesh is often associated with good luck and prosperity. It’s thought that putting a Ganesh statue in your house or place of business can assist you draw success and wealth. 
  • Remover of obstacles: At the start of new projects or endeavors, Ganesh, who is revered for removing barriers, is frequently consulted. Any barriers or difficulties can be eliminated with the aid of a Ganesh statue. 
  • Positive energy: Marble is believed to have a strong positive energy that can help to promote positivity and purify the environment. Marble Ganesh statues can enhance these beneficial energies.
  • Cultural significance: Having a Ganesh statue in your house or place of business might help you feel more connected to India’s rich cultural past. Ganesh statues are a significant component of Hindu culture.